Bobbi Brown BB Cream

As summer finally begins here in Toronto, Canada, the +30 degree celsius weather is in full effect. While I bless the heat, there are always times throughout the day I wish I were sitting in bucket of cold water. With the heat and sun beaming onto my skin this summer, I tend to stay away from heavy make up and turn to my BB and CC creams for light coverage. The BB cream that I absolutely adore is the Bobbi Brown BB Cream , which also has SPF 35 in it.

I never used to be a SPF-conscious person, but ever since I have become invested in my beauty routine, I have realized how important it is to protect your skin. The Bobbi Brown BB Cream is super light weight and offers the perfect amount of coverage on your skin for a hot summer day. Sometimes, I don’t even wear makeup over the BB cream, and just rock the au-natural look. The BB cream is super versatile, you can wear it on its own, or with a full glam face!

Bobbi Brown BB Cream

Bobbi Brown BB Cream

The BB cream retails for $54.00 CA, which seems pricey, but it is definitely worth the splurge. I have had it since last summer, as I tend to only pull it out when I am in the heat, and it has lasted since. I usually put about a two to three pea size squeeze onto my fingers and blend around my face and neck with my hands. I don’t use a beauty blender often with it, as it is not heavy coverage.

If you are looking for a BB cream for this summer, try to find one with SPF in it! I love a tan as much as the next person, but protecting your skin is crucial, as you can help prevent wrinkles and fine lines, as well as sunspots and other damage to your skin!

Let me know what BB or CC creams you use in the summer in the comments below!

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